Meet the Cast 2011

The Race, the Voice, and the Gentlewomen
For Dot, a young dancing hall girl in Rossland, true love can be hard to find. But when her crush, Irvin, becomes available, she takes the opportunity to make friends. Sadly, because of his recent broken heart, he isn’t looking for a new love, but a buddy who can hunt, spar, and go into saloons that women are prohibited from entering. That is when she and a group of friends decide to dress up as men to do everything that they, as women, aren’t allowed to do. Irvin befriends Dot’s male persona, Donnie, instantly. But can she live knowing that she won’t truly be happy unless she can be herself? Or does she keep up this fake persona to safely stay with the man she loves
Harris Anderson
Christopher Coutts
Kate Eldridge
Carly Friesen
Mrs. Allan
Casey Gray
Matthew Johnson
Felix LeBlanc
Emily Nadeau
Kat Palmer
Jill Amantea
Dancehall Girl
Amy Schroder
Dancehall Girl
Cydney Streadwick
Dancehall Girl

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