Alison Gaffney


Alison Gaffney was born in Devon, a small town just outside Edmonton, in 1989. Alison sang in church as a child, began vocal training in grade 11 and performed at the Kiwanis Music Festival in Edmonton. She was active in her High School drama productions and has since taken her talents to Lethbridge University where she just completed the first year of the drama program. She performed in Man and Beast as a waitress, The Horse, the Bison and the Deer as a man named Ryan and also participated in a community production of The Vagina Monologues. Alison intends to perform on Broadway and ironically her character in 49 Bars and a Funeral is an aspiring actress who is saving to go to New York. Alison received acceptance into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She thinks this town really has heart and is confident that the show will be amazing!

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