Meet the 2007 Cast

Birdie and the Beast


Come back in time to our fictitious representation of Rossland, BC during the celebration weekend of both Dominion Day and Independence Day in 1896. We’ve created two sisters, Liza and Birdie, who stand to inherit the luxurious Hoffman House and all its wealth. Irene, Clementine and Kitty are their loyal staff who attempt to carry on the business of this popular boarding house during the festive weekend.

They all await the reading of the deceased father’s Last Will and Testament by the traveling Judge Begbie during his next scheduled court session. Liza is known for her beauty, considers it her finest asset, and flaunts it to attract men. Birdie is as sweet as the pies she loves to bake, yet she lacks confidence from living in Liza’s shadow. Both sisters seek a husband. While Birdie’s desire is honest and pure, Liza’s sudden change of heart is suspicious.

Nellie Abernanthy, a successful lumber baroness, and her assistant, Ruby Rose, stumble into the boarding house after having arrived in Rossland mistakenly by boarding the wrong train. Elmer Voykin is a well-educated, although superstitious trapper, whose “tingle of truth” has led him on his quest for a wife to the Hoffman House door.

Sit back to enjoy songs and dances in true Follies fashion and relax in knowing that our love interests find each other in the end. Who do you think will find a husband first?

Keira Campos-Baal Irene Ashley Furlotte Nellie
Jennifer Hegge Anne Jeffery Hill Elmer
Hannah Lenarduzzi Clementine Sarah MacPherson Kitty
Megan McKinnon Ruby Leeanne McLim Liza
Nadine Trembley Birdie

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