Sean Flynn

Headshot of Noah Kaulbach. He has a pink flower in his pocket and bright blue fingernails

3 photos of Noah in costume. Photo 1: Noah and Alex leaning back to back. Noah is wearing a green vest and a plaid shirt. Photo 2: Noah standing beside other cast members. Photo 3: Noah leaning on a bench beside other cast members.

Noah Kaulbach was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He now spends his time in Montreal, Quebec studying Acting for Theatre at Concordia University, where he most recently appeared as Al in a production of Loam written by Bea Roberts. Noah is also a playwright, awarded second prize at the 2020 Young Plays Showcase for his piece Faithful Friends are Hard to Find, which was co-written with Sadie Quinn. He is excited to spend the summer in Rossland with his sister and nephew.