Olaus Jeldness

Headshot of Marco Santano

3 photos of Marco in costume as Olaus. Photo 1: Headshot of Olaus wearing a fake moustache. Photo 2: Olaus leaning against a building. Photo 3: Olaus standing with 3 other cast members.

Rossland’s Marco Santano, now 24, is thrilled to be back for his fifth season in the Follies. An avid skier, his most memorable role was playing Olaus Jeldness in 2018’s Skis and Skates. And now he gets to resurrect the role again! A photographer and writer, he hopes to put his talents to use creating posters for Naughty Knickers Night, and writing a future Follies show too. Other notable roles include Oliver Bordeaux/Bear in The Red Mountain, Crookshankov in Love and Business, Fred Ritchie and Vlad in What’s In A Name?, and Tony in West Side Story.