Headshot of Madeline Setzer

3 photos of Madeline in costume as Joan. Photo 1: Joan wearing a black and red dress with a bright red parasol. Photo 2: A group photo of the cast smiling. Photo 3: 4 cast members in can-can dresses are exposing their bloomers.

Madeline is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Alberta, where she graduated from Victoria School of the Arts. Recently she has performed, directed, and written for a wide array of film and theatre projects all across Canada, and has performed internationally with Disney Cruise Lines. Recent credits include: Wednesday (The Addams Family), Emily (Ghosts of Yesterday), Lou (Gold Fever Follies – What’s in a Name?), and Cinderella (Disney Cruise Lines). She is excited to return for her second year with the Follies, and to expand her experience by writing some music for the show!