Colby Greaves


Headshot of Colby Greaves. He is wearing a graduation gown.

3 photos of Colby in costume as George. Photo 1: George is leaning against the side of a building wearing a bright red vest and white shirt. He is also wearing a small bowler hat. Photo 2: A headshot of George wearing the same outfit. Photo 3: George posing with other members of the cast.

Colby is a self-made musician born and raised in the Kootenays who is now residing in Castlegar. He just graduated from Selkirk College’s two-year Music and Technology program, and plans to return to Selkirk for a third-year advanced diploma in composition and performance. A few of his favourite instruments are piano, bassoon, and oboe which were brought on by his love for world music, jazz classical music and much more. In the future Colby would love to travel the world and experience the evolution of music firsthand. This is his second season on the Follies stage, where he will be putting his musical talents to good use as Music Director and composer of much of the show’s music.