Meet the 2021 Cast

The Great Invention

2021 Cast

Book & Music by Chris Coutts

As usual, we’ve had fun melding fact with fiction in writing THE GREAT INVENTION. What hints can we give you about its storyline? Well…the same hints we gave last year.
The miners are digging up gold, love and happiness, but when a dancehall girl invents a new contraption, it could put all three at risk.
Now let’s hope that COVID doesn’t get in the way again so that we can get back to entertaining you!

Jean Hart
Sarah Clemons
Mimi Hicks
Ethel Padonka
Landon LaFond
Jimmy Smits
Konrad Lasocki
Butch Manly
Michaela McLean
Poppy Smits
Daniel Merlo
Colonel Topping
Rhythm Storm
Willamina “Billie” Esling
Kevin Wasilenkoff
Roger Clemons