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The Red Mountain

The Red Mountain – by Brian Turner

In 1890, while in “unexplored” territory, high up in the Monashee Mountains, Joe Moris discovers red rocks in between patches of snow at the base of one particular mountain. With no supplies, Moris heads to Nelson in hopes to stock up, and waits for the summer before returning to this profitable location. While in Nelson, he meets Anna, a saloon girl, and the two quickly become smitten. But when the snow begins to melt. Moris puts his feelings aside and departs back to the red rocks. On his way up the mountain, he is met with freakish snowstorms and dangerous wildlife which keep him halted for weeks. Stuck in the area which is now the road from Trail to Rossland, Moris wonders— Should he have left his newfound love behind? Or will his discovery at “The Red Mountain” be worth it?

Jordan Bell
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Megan Littlejohn
Sophie Moreau Parent
Darian Ngai
Marco Santano
Oliver Bordeaux
Victoria Stolting
Mother Nature
Robbie Turnbull
Young Joe Moris
Kevin Wasilenkoff
Joe Bourgeois