Meet the 1991 Cast

The Gold Fever Follies - Take 2

L-R, Front to back
Standing front row: Aryn Sheriff, Wendy Garbe, Heidi Smee, Jason Friesen, Mary Santesso
sitting on stage middle row: Reg LaPlante, Nicole Comba.
Back row: Lucas Myers, Charlie S Ross

L-R: Mary Santesso, Lucas Myers, Nicole Comba, Aryn Sheriff, Heidi Smee, Jason Friesen, Charlie S Ross

Nicole Comba
Accompanist / Dancer
Jason Friesen
Lucky Joe, a gambler
Luke Meyers
Frank, a banker
Charles Ross
Bill, a miner
Mary Santesso
Brigette, a saloon gal
Aryn Sheriff
Clara, a high society lady
Heidi Smee
Museum Helper / Dancer